Monday, January 18, 2016

Spring 2016: Syllabus Videos for My Courses

I'm still experimenting with different ways of constructing and editing these videos, and I know that I'm definitely not patient enough on the audio side, so I suppose hiring someone with some skills is going to definitely be a requirement.

The process is one that took longer than I anticipated (I had hoped to have quite a few more done at this time), but, at the same time, also took less time than it certainly could have. Once I get a better feel for storyboarding and for a more efficient process, developing these assets could be a whole lot of fun.

As soon as I get going on building these assets, especially for the grammar course, I want to articulate my process more explicitly and share it here in the (hopefully) not too distant future. I actually completed five videos for the two courses. For now, here are the syllabus videos:

ENG 411B: Principles of Modern Grammar

ENG 407C: Advanced Professional Communication

Both of these videos are probably too long, but they are much shorter than if I did them in the classroom, much to my students' delight, probably; and, since 407C is a hybrid section, this video saves us valuable time in the classroom to talk about our work.

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