Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Writing in the Real World: Friends Don't Let Friends Write Alone

I was recently invited to Southern Utah University by Dr. Julia Comb to talk about writing on November 10. She wanted me to do two things: 1) a 30-40-minute lunchtime presentation to faculty on bringing writing into their classrooms; and 2) a 90-minute workshop on writing practices for students.

Below are the slides from the student workshop. 

Primary goals for the workshop:
Interrogate our current and future writing practices
Begin an inventory of current writing tools and practices
Develop strategies for finding and using new tools and techniques for writing effectively and efficiently in the future

Slide 52

And here's the point of this presentation: What's peer review got to do with it? A knowledge society is more and more a sharing society. Peer review is the first opportunity to really work out loud, even if it's not presented that way in class. Peer review allows us to develop skills and strategies for sharing our work, getting feedback, engaging with that feedback, creating better products, and incorporating new strategies into our learning AND WRITING toolboxes.

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